Posco International completes EV parts plant in Mexico

Posco International said Wednesday it completed a production facility for traction motor cores, or parts responsible for converting electric energy into kinetic energy in electric vehicles, in Mexico, in a bid to accelerate its foray into the North American market.

Posco International said it held a ceremony in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, to commemorate the completion of Posco International Mexico E-Mobility, or PI-MEM.

According to Posco International, the completed facility stands on 63,925 square meters of land and will produce 1.5 million units of traction motor cores annually.

“The company’s second plant in Mexico will begin construction in the first half of next year. When the second plant goes into operation, by 2030, the company will be able to produce a total of 2.5 million units of (traction motor cores) annually,” a Posco International official said.

Traction motor cores produced at the Mexican facilities will be supplied for major automakers in North America to produce traction motors for electric and hybrid vehicles, the company said.

The company said its end goal is to secure a global production system of more than 7 million units of traction motor cores and secure more than 10 percent of the global market share for traction motor cores.

"This is a meaningful moment for Posco International, as it is taking its first step toward the North American continent, the largest competing ground of the global automobile market," said Posco International Vice Chairman and CEO Jeong Tak.

"We will continue to grow into a global top-tier eco-friendly car parts (producing) company by actively targeting the European and Asian markets, following the North American market," he said.